Eurojackpot - results and winning numbers.

Eurojackpot conquered Europe in less than a year. This is an expensive and lengthy process. Surprisingly for us, the project was carried out in just six months in nine countries simultaneously.
The market in Europe has long needed a new game to compete Euromillions.
Eurojackpot lottery countriesActually, this is the third project of a common European game. The first project is Viking lotto, which is limited to four Scandinavian countries. Euro Millions are second project. It was quite successful and developed this lottery to one of the three major games in the world. The third project - has the ambition to be realized as a real pan-European game which covers all countries in Europe. Another reason is competition from major U.S. lotteries. Expected change in the rules of Powerball. The change for initial jackpot attracted many players. Another leading American Mega Millions lottery did not take long to answer. Within only two months a new world record. Jackpot in this game reached a stunning amount of 640 million dollars.
Despite changes in some games, players need a new game. Euro Jackpot is a fact.

What to expect in the future?

Eurojackpot lottoMany players have begun to consider not only the size of the jackpot, and the possibility it will be won. The easiest is to spend money with little chance to win. Players love to win. The new game offers many times better odds. This means that the chance to win is much greater. This is the main reason many players to focus on it.
The game is gaining popularity with each passing week. Millions of new players try their luck. We are not far from the time when the revenue from ticket sales will exceed the critical point. From this point on will be possible to add additional copies. There are two possible scenarios: Adding a new drawing or increase the size of the jackpot. Soon we can expect a combination of these two things.
Euro lotto started with one drawing a week - on Friday, which will be drawn before a live audience in the capital of Finland - Helsinki. The first edition was scheduled for March 23 and tickets were sold by March 17. For residents of countries that do not play Eurojackpot will be available online.

Jackpot and winnings

The organizers have planned 12 levels of profits, which greatly improves the chances to win. The starting jackpot will be € 10 million and will grow with each edition, which has not won. The maximum jackpot for now is limited to 90 million is planned in time can reach levels of U.S. lotteries, it maximum size limit to 300 million. For now remains the maximum jackpot of 90 million, and if it is not won in 12 consecutive circulation 13 drawing won the highest level / may not have known five second bonus / will receive the accumulated amount of time.