How came the idea?

Euro JackpotThe idea comes from Germany. The data show that there is huge interest in betting on the Internet. Germany is the largest country in Europe. The most popular game is lotto 6/49. It can not generate large jackpots and according to "Bayerischen Lotterieverwaltung" this is the reason the Germans to play online for huge jackpots in U.S. lotteries and EuroMillions. We all know that EuroMillions is not available in Germany.
According to unofficial data, the Germans are spending over 10 billion a year betting on the Internet.
To meet the huge interest of multi million-jackpot must create a new multi national lottery, able to generate many million-jackpot. This is only possible if you join several countries. Thus was born the idea for the new pan-European lottery.

How is born EuroJackpot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 in Amsterdam together representatives of six European countries, Germany, including all German federal states, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia.
Lottery spokesman for West Germany, Axel Weber said in M√ľnster, that decided the new game to be called Eurojackpot.
He added that plans for the new start in the spring of 2012.
Invited are all other European countries.
Axel Weber added that there is still much work for the organization and building a unified system.
The past four months have been a really short time to do all the work of the organization and licensing of all participating countries. The new game was a great challenge. The fact that the new lottery was launched in less than 5 months after the birth of the idea shows great interest.
The date of the first draw is not selected randomly. The original idea was to be launched in spring 2012. Friday, March 23 is the first day of astronomical spring. There is symbolism, right?
It is expected that about 30% of revenue in the new game to come from Internet gambling. Research shows that interest in online is from mostly young people.
The main competitor is EuroMillions. That's why efforts are aimed at offering better odds and supply in countries where they do not play EuroMillions.
Of course, this does not apply to the web. Here everyone is free to make your choice.
Select it for your favorite game and remember to play each week.