Perspectives for Eurojackpot

What are the prospects in front of it and what to expect from it?

To organize a lottery is a very serious matter. It starts with developing an idea and market research. It cannot happen when someone wants it. It needs to find the right time.

How to know when is the right time?

We think now is the right time and the organizers are right to start now. Consider what has happened to the world market for lotto games and in particular the European market.

What are the most popular games in the world?

USA games PowerBall and Mega Millions and EuroMillions in Europe. Of course every country has its national lottery, but in worldwide importance they are regional games. USA games are two bigger and each state has its game so the market is saturated. The situation in Europe is different. 27 countries, each of them with own game available only in the concrete country. The dream of a united Europe born EuroMillions but from the creating till now it covers only 9 countries. Actually the truth is that Viking lotto is the first multinational game in Europe.
None of these lotteries, however, failed to become a general European game.
Europe continues to unite and expand, boundaries disappear and are accepting new countries - members.

Just at that moment appear two very important factors that determine the appearance of a new game and what it seems to be.

These factors are: lack of competitive on EuroMillions and the expansion of a united Europe and the need for a new multi-national and multi-millions game, which cover the territory of countries that do not offer EuroMillions. This game is Eurojackpot.
Let's not forget that ambition is to expand in every country of Europe.
Of course, there is no guarantee that what happened with Euromillions does not happen with it, but suggest that Euro lotto organizers have learned from history.

We must not forget the possibilities of the Internet. Though it Eurojackpot has access to all the inhabitants of the planet over 18 years.

Consequently, the game has to offer conditions to attract players from anywhere on the planet. And they do. Significantly better odds that offer caused great interest in the players.
Let's wait for the first few draws, and then again to discuss opportunities.