The tickets are on the market

Eurojackpot tickets onlineThe players will remember March 2012 with the start of the new lottery game. It starts simultaneously in nine countries and promises to be maybe the best lotto game in the world. The future will show. For the start of the sales of the official tickets is definite the date 17 March. It is Saturday and this day will lay the beginning of the new era in the lotto games. Only five months news about the new game around the world.
Millions people are searching what are the rules, how to play, where to play and more information about new games.
After a week We will be the witness on the start of the show. The first draw is planned for Friday, 23 March. Then We will see whether there is a new millionaire. The initial jackpot is 10 Million Euro. A huge sum in the beginning, isn't it?
But it will continue with every draw when there is a jackpot winner. It means that every time when the jackpot falls the next draw will start with new 10 million euro.

Eurojackpot tickets online

Tickets are available for purchase online. Everybody who wants to buy tickets can do it now.
The organizers promise a great show for the first draw. It will be held on the historical date for the community - 23 march 2012 in Helsinki. The draw will be live to the public and official guests and will be broadcast on televisions in the 9 countries who together organized it. United Europe has again shown that is really united.
Here is an open lotto game for other European countries who are still not starting the lottery.
Everyone anytime they can join in the game, but until then will be flashing their residents to try their luck online like all the other players from other continents. The only condition to play is to have 18 years or older.
Just two weeks away from the most exciting event in the world. Birth of a new game. The World with excitement expected this moment.
There is still time to join this exciting event, think well, pick your lucky numbers and buy tickets now.
Become the first new millionaire born together with the start of the new great game.